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Rosemary Hill

Minimum Investment: £70,000
Date Added: 04/06/2018
Advertiser: Fortem Global
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PropertyID: 31457708
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Room £70,000 €77,905 $87,378

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Key Investment Features

  • Experienced operator
  • 125-year leasehold ownership registered with UK land registry
  • Buybacks in year 10 (115%)- 15 (120%)- 20 (125%) and 25 (125%)
  • Income paid quarterly
  • Up to 10% NET assured rental through a 25-year sublease
  • £70-000 purchase price

What the Advertiser says about this investment:

Earn up to 10% income with this fully operational care facility in Liverpool.


As the UK's population lives longer, there is a growing demand for quality care. The 1.5 million people aged 85 and over in the UK is projected to more than double to 3.4 million in the next 23 years, which means that it is more important than ever to deliver quality, affordable care that is also sustainable.


With a shortfall of quality homes and many larger, national providers focusing their services in the South of England, there is an increasing opportunity for specialist, good quality care providers in the North of England.


This purpose-built property over 3 floors in Liverpool is ideal to provide comfortable, dignified care in one of the UK's fastest growing cities.


Situated within a densely populated area, its strong transport links, experienced operator, high CQC rating and generous gardens make the home stand out.


Buy a unit for only £70,000 and enjoy 10% net assured income, with the investment fully managed and requiring no maintenance fees or ground rent.


Choose between multiple exit strategies. A buyback of 115% is available at year 10, 120% at year 15, or 125% at 20 and year 25.


Secure your unit today with a reservation fee of just £500!


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